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We have two wonderful and young Great Pyrenees Dogs, Se-Bas & Baxter, who need to be adopted together. They are father & son. Both are neutered,..

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Ready to be adopted. Missy is a 7 1/2 year-old spayed Yorkshire Terrier Shah Tzu mix. She was a stray and has a history of mistrust. Due to her..

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Little Rock is a senior gentleman seeking a loving home the last few years of his life. He is a beautiful, silver, gray and black dog. He’s easy..

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WANTED: volunteer who will take videos of our dogs who need homes (Roy, WA) Comment if you can help. Thanks

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Here is another story about one of the hoarder dogs who was saved last month. Barney Update 6.19.17 by Renee Casad Oh Boy, oh Boy, oh Boy,…..

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  1. Second Chance Dogs is a registered non-profit dog rescue organization.
  2. Dogs are up to date on their immunizations and/or spayed before being adopted (unless there is a medical reason not to).
  3. Fostering and Adopting require completion of an application.
  4. When fostering, Second Chance Dogs will provide dog food and pay for necessary vet visits.
  5. Our dogs are listed on Petfinder (Location/Zip Code-98580).
  6. Dogs may need homes due to human family illness; moving; lost; in unhealthy environment.
  7. Adoption fees are $100 and up. The adopting family decides on the amount they can afford.
  8. We help foster families getting their new dogs settled in to the home and assist with training techniques.
  9. Our dogs are evaluated (child; cat; dog friendly and more) before they are placed in fostering or adopting homes.
  10. Our website is currently under construction (November 2011).
  11. No one is ever pressured to adopt or foster a dog, we believe in finding the perfect match.
  12. We are unable to indicate to fostering families how long they may have a dog.  If an urgent situation arises, a new foster home can be found. Reasonable notice is appreciated.
  13. SCD is funded by donations, which are tax deductible.
  14. People are encouraged to fill out an application, indicating what kind of dog they are hoping for. SCD will do their best to seek out the right dog.
  15. The adoption process includes a completed application; a home visit; a “meet and greet” with the dog who is seeking a forever home.
  16. We do not allow any dogs we place to be chained, tied up or locked in a garage.
  17. We do not allow our dogs to be crated 6-10 hours a day while someone is at work.
  18. We require a fenced yard 99% of the time but will make an exception if we feel the dog will be safe.
  19. Our dogs are “family” dogs and we want them to be members of the family.  We do NOT have “outside  only” dogs.