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Elizabeth Before

Elizabeth was a stray running down a road.  A good Samaritan saved her, took her home and (meaning well) gave her a bath. Elizabeth was too scared and stressed for a bath that soon.  She bit the kind woman, who then took the dog to a shelter.  Once there is a reported “bite history”, a dog cannot be adopted to the public.

Elizabeth After

Second Chance Dogs was able to place Elizabeth in an amazing foster home, at Cedar River Dog Farm, in Maple Valley.  Elizabeth thrived and even played with one of the regulars, a kind-hearted Great Dane.  Elizabeth was adopted by a family who have a beautiful fenced yard, a cat and a dog.  As Elizabeth would say, “My life is no longer ruff ruff; it is all BOW WOW!!!!”.


Bella Before

Bella was about to be euthanized in Oregon due to her extremely poor health, fear issues and severe skin infection. The gentleman that found her had heard about Second Chance Dogs and contacted us. We reviewed her case and said YES to saving her life.

Click “Bella After” to see how she went from death’s door in an Oregon shelter to a heavenly home on earth.

Bella After

Bella After








Bella was fostered in Yelm for several months until Diana (founder of Second Chance Dogs) took her for advanced skin care and worked on enhancing her socialization. Diana had her for a few months before Alice (SCD board member) went over to visit. Bella saw her, jumped in her lap, put her paws on Alice’s shoulders and licked her like crazy! It was love at first sight. She is now in her forever home with Lucky (a 16 year old miniature Schnauzer) and Tucker (a 2 year old miniature Schnauzer).


Rocky Before


Rocky Before
Rocky lived in misery on a chain for almost 14 years.  The day he came into our rescue Diana put him in her back yard, took his collar off and let him smell it and then said  “No more collar. No more chain” and threw the collar on the ground and left it there for weeks so he could see that it would never be around his neck again. The dog house his previous owner had was too small for him to get inside.  So, in one day he went from no collar and sleeping in the cold and mud to a  warm bath and a clean soft bed.  He adjusted beautifully.  He went from a solitary life on a chain to the freedom of running with the pack.  His remaining 3 1/2 years were filled with good care, companionship of the pack  as well as being a welcomed, loved member of the family.

Rocky After

Rocky After 1Rocky After 2Rocky After 3Rocky After 4

Crystal Before


Crystal (now Aira) After