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    To All Second Chance Dogs Adopters, Supporters and Faithful Followers

       Our founder, Diana Crimi, has been rescuing and rehabilitating dogs long before  she became an official nonprofit organization in 2009.  Over 60 years ago, the Lord put it on her heart and made it her mission to save dogs and help people with their dogs.  

For so many years we have been blessed with a generous caring community. We have  gained many friendships and worked with many kind, wonderful people who have tender, special hearts.  We have been like a family.  Second Chance Dogs considers our community part of our family. 

    There are not enough words of appreciation available to thank our volunteers,  foster parents, generous donors and  every person who has ever helped us behind the scenes.  YOU ALL have made it possible to save many dogs’ lives.

From the bottom of our hearts, we are forever grateful and thank the Lord for His blessings.

We hope to continue helping dogs and their families for years to come.🐕

From the Board of Directors of Second Chance Dogs

God bless you all.



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Please consider joining our organization. We need help in the following areas:

Community Outreach and Volunteer Opportunities to Help with Transport of Supplies out to the Community.And we need Foster  Homes. Fostering is of no cost to you! Second Chance Dogs covers everything needed for the rehabilitation and care of each animal




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