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Affordable Spay/Neuter/Shots/Microchips

Second Chance Dogs supports and encourages all pets to be spayed / neutered, up-to-date on shots, and microchiped.

If you can’t afford a regular vet, we recommend Pasado’s Safe Haven Spay Station. They offer spaying and neutering services at low cost of free to those who qualify. They provide services first to low-income individuals, as this is their priority. If there is room on-board for those not on public assistance, services are provided at low cost.


All supportive medical care such as flea control, vaccinations, de-worming, ear mite medication, and micro-chipping are cash-only services priced for all income levels. (The Pierce County Spay Station has received a generous grant from the Gary E. Milgard Foundation that allows them to offer many of these services free of charge to qualified families who are on public assistance).

If you are on public assistance you can now receive FREE spay/neuter surgery for your pet!

Pricing for Services

All services are CASH ONLY at time of drop off.

~The Spay Station does not have credit or debit services and does not accept checks.

  • Cat Neuter: $35*
  • Cat Spay: $45*
  • Dog Neuter: $75*
  • Dog Spay: $75*

* FREE with proof of public assistance program.

Vaccines are available ONLY in combination with spay or neuter surgery.

  • Vaccines: $10 ea.
  • Rabies: $10
  • FeLV test: $20
  • FeLV Vaccine: $10
  • Microchip: $20
  • Flea Treatment: $10
  • Tape/round worm meds: $5
  • Ear mite treatment: $5
  • Cardboard cat carrier: $5
  • E-collar (cone): $5 RECOMMENDED
  • Take home pain medication is available ONLY to animals spayed/neutered that day: $5 RECOMMENDED

The “Spay Station” (mobile spay/neuter truck) is currently located in the Pierce County area only, however you do not have to be a Pierce County resident to use the services.