Quick Contact

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Adoption Process

  1. Indicate interest about the dog that is available for adoption.
  2. Discuss the dog’s biography with people who will often be with the dog.
  3. Make a list of questions.
  4. Evaluate the amount of time you can spend with the new dog family member.
  5. Fill out and submit the adoption application form.
  6. Include photos of the yard(s) with the application.
  7. SCD directors may ask questions pertaining to dog nutrition, vet care, training, getting along with other pets, exercise, supervision of young children with a new family dog, fenced yard set up, etc.
  8. The applicant’s veterinarian and personal references are contacted.
  9. After Board approval, a meet and greet is scheduled.
  10. A Board member and/or the foster parent will be present at the meet and greet.
  11. All potential family members (including current dogs) are required to participate in the meet and greet.
  12. To insure success, a protocol for the meet and greet will be shared with the interested adopting family.
  13. After a successful meet and greet, the dog can go home with the new family.
  14. Families are encouraged to slowly introduce their new family member to their second chance; it will be too much for the dog to go any stores or social gatherings.
  15. On occasion, additional discussion is required with the family and SCD team before the dog goes to a new home.
  16. As noted on the application, on the day of the meet and greet please bring a collar, leash and an identification tag with the family’s name and address.
  17. The Second Chance Dogs adoption donation is due at the meet and greet. Cash or checks are accepted.
  18. Sharing updates is a crucial step after the adoption.
  19. Second Chance Dogs has two professional trainers and a holistic vet on the Board of Directors, supportive and expert suggestions can ensure a happy family.

For additional information, see SCD’s guide to Welcoming a New Dog to Your Home