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Terri Kaluza


Dog Trainer, South King County


Second Chance Dogs endorses and highly recommends Terri Kaluza as our choice for a professional dog trainer. She has helped us with many dogs. She also teaches different levels of obedience classes. She’s an excellent instructor and has a warm, friendly way of communicating with her human and dog students. She will come to your home and help with all dog situations.

Dr. Jennifer Preston, DVM




Dr. Preston has always been there to help our rescued dogs. She practices holistic veterinary medicine with results that are incredibly rewarding. In dealing with animals all over the country, she specializes in restoring these wonderful animals to optimal health while renewing their vitality and extending their lives.

Terry Twiggs


Mobile Groomer


Terry Twiggs is one of our heros. He’s a mobile groomer and a life-saver for our dogs. His van comes to our main foster home fully equipped. He has everything needed to groom and bathe each dog. They go in the van dirty and scruffy and come out looking like a new dog. They’re beautiful, fresh and clean. He’s always there to help us. If you need a groomer to come to your home, he’s your guy.

David and Mindy Hay



Dave and Mindy have supported and backed us in every rescue endeavor for several years. They’ve been there for us and helped us through financial crisis. Their moral support has kept us strong and stable, enabling us to continue helping many animals.

Cindy and Paul Laudermilk


Through the art of photography, Cindy and Paul Laudermilk go that extra mile to capture the love & resilience in each rescue dog’s eyes. Cindy has amazing camera skills and values her husband’s ability to take cues.They adopted Taylor, a 10 year old Chocolate Lab SCD rescue. He had never been inside a house before the Laudermilks invited him to join their family (which includes two other Labs). Their photos capture the heart!


Mud Bay



Thank you Mud Bay for sup

porting SCD by providing us with food, supplies, and funding.

Reber Ranch



Special thanks and appreciation goes to the Kent, WA Reber Ranch! They have donated to Second Chance Dogs numerous times and helped many of our rescues with quality dog food and essential equipment. They truly are your one stop for all of your pet and horse needs.


Tractor Supply



Tractor Supply’s is very generous in donations to rescue groups and hosting adoption events regularly. They would love to meet you so stop by and say hello!

Pet Pros



Pet Pros in Puyallup hosts SCD adoption events regularly and provides generous donations of food and supplies to dog rescue groups. They are a wonderful team and we are pleased to be associated with such a fine organization.

Shear Purrfection



Come and see your pets home away from home grooming salon.


John Soriero Dog Trainer

TOP’S Training

Yelm WA (topsk9training@gmail.com)