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Dog Adoption Application

1. We reserve the right to approve or deny any application and the right not to disclose the reason.

2. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for foster or adoption.

3. We reserve the right to visit the home where the dog will be residing prior to foster or adoption.

4. All family members living in the prospective home must meet the dog prior to foster or adoption.

5. We do not allow any dogs to be chained, tied up, or locked in a garage or crated for 5+ hours.

6. Our dogs are “family” dogs. We do not allow our dogs to be “outside only.”

7. Adoption donations allow Second Chance Dogs (SCD) to pursue our goals of vetting and rehoming dogs in need.

8. Adoption fees are determined on an individual basis. Expenses for out-of-state transports and vet care are factored into the amount. Our primary goal is to find responsible and loving forever homes.

Please note that in order to submit this form, you will need to upload a signed copy of the Terms of Adoption as well as photos of the inside and outside areas of your home.

    Home and Family

    Has anyone in the house been convicted of an animal-related charge?

    Do you allow smoking in the house?

    House Type:

    Own or Rent?

    If renting, does landlord approve of dog(s)?:

    Is there a local HOA restriction on pets?:

    Do you have a fenced yard?

    Do you have outside shelter?

    Pets Currently Living With You

    Please check any type of pet that you currently live with:
    DogsCatsOtherNo current pets

    Are your dogs and/or cats spayed/neutered?

    Are your dogs and/or cats microchipped?

    Has any of your dogs ever been food aggressive, toy aggressive, and dog aggressive?

    If no pets at this time, have you ever owned a pet?

    Nutrition/Excercise/Time Alone

    Health and Wellness (Vet references will be checked)

    Do you have an emergencey vet?

    General Information

    Have you ever given up a dog?

    Would you seek professional training advice?

    Dog Preference

    Preferred hair length:

    Preferred Dog size:

    Will you consider a special needs dog?

    Personal Reference

    Please provide two personal references

    Home Address

    Will you take your dog(s) with you when you are moving? Even if to other state/country?

    Mailing Address

    Please upload photos of the inside and outside areas of your home. Using the button below, you may select up to 6 files.